How To Use Retargeting For Ecommerce Growth

The image in this post is from the last 30 days of web retargeting for my 14 year old ecommerce site using a platform called Perfect Audience.

Just like Facebook does Facebook retargeting, Perfect Audience will retarget your visitors when they are on the web outside Facebook! Click on “Start Free Trial”

If you want to do web retargeting in Shopify, the first step is to install the tracking script: Here

Or use one of the Shopify apps that manages your retargeting codes.

And start building an audience asap!

Remember there is no cost to build an audience. So install the code and get started collecting “pixels” right away.

Once you have an audience, you’ll want to start advertising. With your new “small” audience the cost will be small and you’ll start seeing very soon results soon.

You’ll need to create banner ads in all the various sizes. I’ve created a zip file with PhotoShop templates in all the sizes needed for Perfect Audience download here:

If you don’t have PhotoShop, Adobe provides the OLD versions completely free: Here
Sign up to create a new Adobe ID, or log in if you already have one

Then download!

Why do you want to do web retargeting?

1. It’s excellent for building your brand
2. You can highlight different categories of your store
3. Sell more products!

Advanced ideas:

Don’t burn out your audience with the same banner ads. Create a sequence:

• First 3 days show a new offer
• 4-7 days something new
• 7-10 another offer
• 11-30 (or longer) long term banner rotation

Create a “Buyer List” audience and give your buyers other offer and incentives to come back

Even if you don’t do the “Advanced ideas” you’ll see big ROI with the web banner retargeting ads!

If your already using PerfectAudience there is also AdRoll and Google Remarketing. In Google you can also do dynamic product retargeting inside web banner ads!!


Frank Keeney has been doing ecommerce for 14 years. He has been on many webinars helping others grow their ecommerce and Amazon FBA businesses. He is the creator of the online course Retargeting Academy. This year he started a one on one coaching program that has helped many to accelerate their own business and a achieve financial stability.

Find Frank Keeney here:

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