Facebook Email Retargeting: Step by Step

Are you retargeting on ALL your websites and emails? I hope so.

Around four years ago I heard about retargeting and installed it on my ecommerce site. I was amazed at the results and increase in sales. Now I make sure it’s installed everywhere. If you are reading this on my website, I’ve installed retargeting code from five platforms: Google, Facebook, Perfectaudience, AdRoll and Twitter.

We can also retarget Facebook users that open our emails! This allows us to create segmentation through action, subject or anything and combining these pixel lists with those of the people that have visited our sites. 

We can use different retargeting code for different emails that we send, and show retargeting ads depending on which emails are opened.

How is this done?

In your Facebook ads account Tools > Pixel Code.


The following code will appear, the important part is the one Highlighted below.

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->
 fbq('init', 'YourPixelID');
 fbq('track', "PageView");</script>
 <noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src="https://www.facebook.com/tr?id=YourPixelID&ev=PageView&noscript=1" /></noscript>
 <!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->

Then change it to look like:

<img src="http://www.facebook.com/tr?id=YourPixelID&ev=ViewContent&cd[content_category]=frankkeeney" height="1" width="1" border="0" />

The green “frankkeeney” is the parameter we’ll use in the Website Custom Audience for this in Facebook.

Replace “YourPixelID” with your unique code from from Facebook

Once modified,  insert the code into your autoresponder, CRM or email system. You may need to access the HTML code in the editor depending on which system you use.

For example, inside Infusiosoft insert this code as an HTML “Snippet” in the email editor:


Then paste in your code:

As you can see I also have the PerfectAudience code in there with the Facebook code.

Most all email systems will have a place for you to input code into your emails.


Next go to Facebook Audiences and create a new Custom Audience – Website traffic:


Select the parameters as below. Note the matching parameter “frankkeeney” from the modified pixel code (above) this must match to create the Audience in Facebook.


Now the pixel is installed, the Audience is configured. Let’s send emails!


So far, an audience of 300!

Yes, I know that web retargeting is much more reliable than email retargeting. Depending on how the email is read the image pixel may or may not fire.

Need more information? See the Facebook pixel reference: Here



Frank Keeney has been doing ecommerce for 14 years. He has been on many webinars helping others grow their ecommerce and Amazon FBA businesses. He is the creator of the online course Retargeting Academy. In 2015 he started a one on one coaching program that has helped many to accelerate their own business and a achieve financial stability.