A Growing Ecommerce Business, What Makes The Difference?

Many ecommerce businesses start with humble beginnings. Often in a garage, in the back or an SUV or a storage unit. Often with loads of passion and zeal for the products being sold. There is excitement when the frequency of order confirmation emails come in and then increases. Along with excitement each morning checking email as soon as you wake up in the morning!
(the garage where I started)

As the business grows, all of sudden there is this realization that you can’t do everything. You are now dividing time between a full time job, packing boxes, dropping off boxes at USPS, FedEx and/or UPS. Then answering all the customer service emails and managing all the online advertising.

This is the point where the ecommerce business owner may make a poor decision. Too many continue to try to do everything, which will cause overwhelm and growth will stagnate. Those that are good at delegating tasks will find other businesses that will remove these burdens:

  • Packing and shipping -> Outsource to Fulfillment center (or dropship)*
  • Inbound phone customer service -> Outsource*
  • Email customer service -> Outsource*
  • Customer Order management tasks -> Outsource*

So now you have freed yourself from most day to day tasks, time to scale your business!

When I transitioned in this stage of my business, I tripled my ecommerce sales 3x in 18 months!

At this point one of the most important growth factors for my business was the relationships with my suppliers! I’ve been doing ecommerce since 2001 and now in 2016, I continue to buy from my very first supplier!

By fostering these supplier relationships I’ve been able to:

  • Negotiate lower prices
  • Get newly released products before competitors
  • Acquire larger volumes of product

Where did I find these suppliers? My oldest supplier, I called them on the phone, and asked for the lowest distributor pricing.  The other suppliers I use, many of them called me, asking me to sell their products. Over the years I have flown to their factories to see their business and to further solidify our business relationship.

With these relationships in place, then scaling wide. This  is when I started selling on Amazon FBA (everything I sell on Amazon started on one of my ecommerce shopping carts [like Shopify]) So now Amazon FBA accounts for more than 70% of my ecommerce sales.

Over the years I have needed to overcome many obstacles to continue growing my business. One of the biggest benefits was that my wife and I could afford her becoming a full time mom. Then I had the time and freedom to participate with my children’s school trips, camp outs and other activities. Along with family trips to Europe and building a 2nd home in the mountains. Now with my oldest at university, I can pay for her education so she can graduate without debt. Obviously, to do this there has been a great amount of work required to do this and I made many mistakes along the way (and you can avoid these mistakes).

As you grow your ecommerce business, there are many pitfalls along the way. It would my privilege to assist you in your ecommerce endeavor. Contact me at the link below and lets’s find out what we can do together to get your business to the next stage:

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