Fifteen years ago I was a Computer Network Security Consultant with a Two Hour commute to and from work. Plus, I was on-call 24/7. 💻📀💾

I knew the Internet inside and out. Servers, routers, Domains, firewalls, websites were all easy for me. At the same time, it was frustrating to be involved with the Internet and see so many others making a good living on the Internet when I was being paid by the hour with a horrible commute!

I believed that there must be an opportunity for me somewhere. I sold a few things I no longer needed online, but like a garage sale, once it’s sold you need something else to sell.

I found a need for several product solutions. Then I spent weeks researching this niche and the products used and how to reach my target audience.

Then I bought a small amount of inventory (I’d never heard of dropshipping 15 years ago) setup a website and promoted the products.

A few things sold some other things didn’t. I bought more inventory and ran a few more ads, more items sold. At this time, I had a full time job, so I’d pack boxes and print shipping labels in my Chevy Suburban during my lunch hour and drop them off at the UPS store.

Within 30 days, lunch hour was not long enough and I had to choose between the full time job or take a chance with ecommerce. I convinced my wife that I could make this new venture work. I gave notice that I was leaving my job.

I cleaned out my garage and setup my little warehouse. Within another 2 months, with all my shipping and receiving I was keeping the local UPS driver very busy. Between packing boxes and customer service I was working long hours every day. Lots of work, but more than double the income I made from the previous job!

Now I realized I was on to something good.

But I was swamped with packing boxes myself. I was in the way of my own success. Something needed to change. I called one of my suppliers and asked them how they handled their shipping. They told me about fulfillment warehouses! That same week I moved all my inventory to a fulfillment warehouse! What a relief, no more boxes to pack!!

Within 60 days I had my first $100,000 month! Then rented a nice office a mile away from home. In the next 12 months I had my first $1,000,000 year! For the first time in my life I bought a new car! Years later $1,000,000 months! We bought a 2nd home.

As the business grew I hired many assistants to help with the day to day work and used my computer background to automate ecommerce processes as much as possible.

People started noticing my results and talking about my story and before long I had people asking me to teach them how to start their own ecommerce businesses.

At first I said "No" because I honestly didn’t want to do it. But this one guy Michael just wouldn't give up and he was consistent! He would email me 2-3 times per week telling me he wanted to learn my methods and that he was even willing to pay me.

After a few months of non-stop emails, I gave in and decided to try teaching my methods to Michael. I didn't even think it would work well for him but he begged me to do it... We jumped on Skype calls twice per week and I taught him my process from start to finish.

Within three weeks I couldn't believe it, Michael’s store was making some good sales. I almost fell off my chair! Michael went from knowing almost NOTHING about an ecommerce business and within 12 weeks he was making more than his full time job.

I wondered if this could be replicated again so I accepted three more people and showed them how to do it and then BOOM - they started making sales too! Then I started working with more people, the groups grew from 10 to 20 to 30 and I kept teaching them my same methods and they kept getting results.

So what is it about my ecommerce methods that are so good?

Well it all comes down to constant focus on 3 Key things...

We live in a world where there is too much information and too many distractions. While others have tried to do it all - I have tried to do less. In today’s world it's more about what you ignore rather than what you do.

While others burn themselves out trying to do 80 different things, I focus on 3.

Want to know what these 3 key things are?

I spent the past week putting together free training for you showing you *exactly* how I got started and grew my ecommerce business into the millions. I literally pull back the curtain and reveal it all including the "3 Key Things" that have been the foundation of my success and my student’s success.

In this free training I show you step-by-step how to get started, how to pick your niche, how to pick ecommerce products and more...

The lessons in this training required years of work to learn and are the bedrock of my success and my client’s success and I'm sure they will serve you in the same way they have served us.

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